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Educating children is a tough job made tougher when communication breaks down. American Communications can help make this job easier with our communication networks and two-way radio systems. Teachers, Administrators and Aides can stay in constant contact regarding student movement, bus transportation, recess out on the playground and special programs. Maintenance, custodians and grounds keepers can all coordinate using American Communication’s reliable and secure two-way radios.


Hotels, resorts and spas must have seamless communication in order to ensure guest satisfaction. American Communications will set up a communication system that meets each client’s needs. These solutions are not one-size fits all. Concierge, room service, housekeeping and security work together to make a guest’s experience satisfying. It is through strong communication that 5-star treatment becomes brand loyalty.

oil & gas

From two-way communication to mass notification systems, Petroleum/Chemical companies benefit from the services of American Communications. By ensuring team members communicate seamlessly, petroleum/chemical companies can be confident that their crews are safe and productive. Mass Communication Systems are essential in the loud and dangerous environment found in most Petroleum/Chemical plants. These warning systems can be the difference between life and death.

Public works

American Communications works closely with Utility and Public Works companies to upfit their vehicles with lights and two-way radios. Our services increase safety and efficiency. At American Communications, we listen to our client’s needs and develop customized solutions that make it possible to keep a crew working and safe. Our radios deliver superior sound quality, durability and reliability, which can be programmed to receive auto alerts when production operations go down. Crews are kept informed, connected and safe.

Public safety

First responders go into dangerous situations all the time and it is critical for them to have the necessary equipment to stay safe and efficient. Our lights, sirens and radio communications keep first responders connected and working efficiently, which can make the difference in an emergency. American Communication can also set up dispatch center systems, so that emergency callers always get the emergency response they need.


It can be a matter of life and death when hospital and clinic need to stay connected. With American Communication as a partner, dependable and seamless communication is guaranteed. Our two-way communication solutions are customized for caregivers, administrators, security and housekeeping. Response times are faster when a team can stay in contact, especially during an emergency. Let American Communications facilitate your communication to increase efficiency, security and patient care.


Manufacturing and warehouse facilities depend on keeping the production moving and a reliable communication system can help make that happen. Not only does a two-way radio system increase security, but it can also increase productivity. No downtime while waiting on answers. Get them fast and securely with a two-way radio system from American Communications.


From warehouse operations to customer-facing retail locations, American Communications has the solutions for your business. Portable and mobile two-way radio systems provide a secure way for team members to streamline communication and security. Protect inventory, increase productivity and reduce business challenges while building a strong customer service experience.

Houses of worship

No matter the denomination, houses of worship are concerned with the safety of their parishioners. American Communications cannot only improve security, but also efficiency. Ushers, office personnel, Sunday school teachers, day care, special speakers and events benefit from the dependability and security of an American Communications portable two-way radio solution.

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